Terms and Conditions

  • All pupils must pay a deposit of 2 hours tuition, except those paying for block lessons

  • 48 hours notice is required to cancel a lesson. Failure to give the relevant notice to your instructor will result in the loss of the cancelled lesson from your deposit. Pupils must replace the amount of deposit lost at the start of their next lesson

  • The instructor cannot be held responsible for lessons cancelled due to bad weather, mechanical failure or accidents involving the tuition car. In such circumstances, lessons will be rescheduled for a later date

  • The instructor and pupil will be allowed 10 minutes after the lesson start time for lateness. Any more than this and the lesson will be considered to have been cancelled. Lesson time lost (up to 10 minutes) due to instructor lateness, will be added to the pupils next lesson

  • Changes to pick up / drop off points should be agreed 48 hours prior to lesson. If insufficient notice is given which would cause the instructor to be late for their next appointment, then the length of lesson may be adjusted with the full lesson fee still applying

  • Block booking lessons and gift voucher lessons not started within 3 months from the purchase date will be considered to have been cancelled and any prepayments will be lost

  • If a pupil decides to cancel all future lessons, then any prepayments will be refunded to the payee

  • Any pupil not in contact with their instructor for 2 months will be considered to have cancelled their lessons and any prepayments will be lost

  • Any pupil under, or suspected of being under the influence of drink or drugs, will be dropped immediately with the loss of all prepayments